Probe Hazardous Cabinets

Probe Hazardous Storage Cabinets allow the safe storage of flammable or corrosive substances to allow compliance with COSHH regulations - BS5609, HFL/LPG Reg 1972 Sec 5 - HSE.  Probe Hazardous Cabinets isolate flammable substances and vapours from potential sources of ignition and can be clearly identified as hazardous materials in case of fire. Choose from the 5 models shown below.

Probe Small 1 Door Hazardous Substance Cabinet
Probe Small 1 Door Hazardous Substance Cabinet
Probe Low 2 Door Hazardous Substance Cabinet
Probe High 8 Compartment Hazardous Substance Cabinet
Probe High 2 Door Hazardous Substance Cabinet

There is a choice of 5 models of Probe Hazardous Cabinets all quality manufactured to ISO 9001. Choose from 2 low single door cabinets, a low double door and 2 high cabinets. Probe, All of these Hazardous Cabinets include a sump tray to collect any spillages of chemicals or solvents as well as heavy duty adjustable height shelves with UDL of 85kg.

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Features of the Probe Hazardous Cabinet

  • High Visibility Yellow Finish with the added protection of ACTIVECOAT anti-bacterial powder coating
  • Choice of 5 models - High 2 Door Cabinet with 3 shelves or Central divider with 6 adjustable shelves, Low 2 Door Cabinet with 1 adjustable shelf or Low 1 Door Cabinet with 2 adjustable shelves
  • As above with non-slip ribbed rubber top to prevent tools or substances falling off  the cabinet
  • All fitted with removable 75mm sealed sump base tray and have all shelves with a 85kg UDL
  • High visibility labelling BS5609 is affixed to all doors to alert fire service to the risk of hazardous substances
  • All units comply with HFL/LPG Reg 1972 Sec 5. HSE The Storage of Flammable Containers HS(G)51