Probe SHOPBOX Clear Vision Lockers

Retail Shops and Distribution warehouses suffer from in-house shrinkage so our Probe SHOPBOX Clear Vision Lockers provide storage for staff possessions, but allow discreet monitoring of the contents to restrict the incidence of stock theft. The sturdy clear polycarbonate doors with a choice of locking options offer complete security.

Probe 2 Door Polycarbonate Retail Security Locker
Probe 3 Door Polycarbonate Retail Security Locker
Probe 4 Door Polycarbonate Retail Security Locker
Probe 5 Door Polycarbonate Retail Security Locker
Probe 6 Door Polycarbonate Retail Security Locker

Probe SHOPBOX Retail Clear Vision Lockers are available with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 compartments all 305mm wide with options of 305mm, 380m,, or 460mm depth to accommodate a variety of personal effects. These Anti-Stock Theft lockers are widely used in Retail Shops and Department Stores throughout the UK.

Available Colour Options

Select from 3 Locker Colours all with Anti-Bacterial powder coating - Black, Silver Grey or White

Body Colours


Dry Area Lock Options

Choose from Key, Padlock hasp, Mechanical and Electronic combination locks


Probe Key Cam Lock*

The standard Probe key cam lock has a micro sprung 10 disc lock featuring a massive 3000 serial combinations - all exclusive to Probe. Two keys are included with each standard lock plus a master key is available for management.
*Included in standard locker price


Hasp and Staple*

The Hasp and Staple lock is for use with a Padlock (not included) that needs to have a shackle diameter no larger than 7mm and a minimum of 5mm. it is available to purchase separately if you need to change your existing Probe key lock.
*Included in standard locker price

Probe Type C tubular key lock

Radial Pin Key Lock 

The Probe Radial Pin Key Lock is designed for greater levels of security due to there being up to 10,000 available key numbers in the series. Two keys are included with each lock and a Master key is available for management use.


Re-programmable combination lock

User Re-programmable - An effective 4 digit code combination lock with 10,000 possible combinations, making losing keys a thing of the past. Suitable for multi user applications. Master override key sold separately.


Premium Combination Lock

The Type K (black) or W (white) is extremely tough and fits existing Probe metal or solid grade laminate doors. It is re-programmable and easy to operate. It has a 4 digit code and can be set and easily changed by users using a Service Key sold separately.


Digital combination lock - 40,000 combinations

Emergency access using service key - Simple to program - Batteries last up to 50,000 operations - Single user supplied as standard - Multi user option available - (specify when ordering) - Can be used horizontally, subject to minimum order quantity. Specify when ordering.

Probe RFID lock

The RFID keyless digital combination lock

This lock provides contact less RFID locking and can be used independently or paired with existing wireless systems. Simple to upgrade existing installations and compatible with most wireless standards including RFID and NFC, the lock has a wide range of accessories.


Dual coin / token return / retain

These locks are available with coin denominations £/€ or tokens, for either return or retain. Not available on some small door lockers, please check.
Not available on some small door lockers, please check.

Download Brochure

Download the Probe Locker Brochure in PDF format that includes the Probe Clear Vision Lockers

Features of Probe Clear Vision Lockers

  • Polycarbonate Offers full Internal Vision
  • Welded plinth between each compartment
  • ACTIVE COAT anti-bacterial coating
  • Choice of Lock
  • 2, 3 , 4, 5 or 6 compartment models available
  • Manufactured in England

Who uses Probe Clear Vision Lockers

  • Retail Shops
  • Department Stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Distribution warehouses
  • Manufacturers
  • Research Laboratories